Name Address Phone Number Email Address Comments
Aceituno, Thomas A.P.O. Box 189
Folsom CA  95763-0189
(916) 985-6486

521 Docs by email preferably 2 weeks before 341. Prefers 521 docs to be emailed to, or mailed in the alternative. Do not send more than one case's 521 docs in 1 email or they will not be considered received. He accepts but does not require the trustee questionnaire, but it speeds up the hearing considerably.


Special Notice to Counsel, dated November 14, 2012

Bell, John P.O. Box 950
Woodbridge CA  95258
(209) 339-9345

521 Docs by the "Doclink Website" at His backround is as a private investigator. He offers investigation services to Attorneys. 

Burkart, Michael F.5150 FAIR OAKS BLVD #101-185
CARMICHAEL CA  95608-5758
(916) 485-0412

Trustee Is Not Taking Any Cases

521 Documents to be sent via e-mail or mail. If sent by email, list the debtor name, case number, time and date of 341 hearing in subject line. He challenges fee waivers, so if your client has a fee waiver, they need to be able to explain why their net income AND gross income supports a fee waiver application. He has continuation calendars at 7:30am- don't be late to them.

Carello, Sheri P.O. Box 22527
Sacramento CA  95822-0527
(916) 444-8149

521 docs shall be sent using the "Doclink Website" at She swears clients in without the paper script. ALL CONTINUED HEARINGS WILL REQUIRE AN APPEARANCE.

Cusick, David PO Box 1858
Sacramento CA  95812-1858
(916) 856-8000

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee. 521 docs by mail or email.

Physical Address:
10293 Rockingham Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95827

Correspondence Address:
P.O. Box 1858
Sacramento, CA 95812-1858

Payment Address:
P.O. Box 30
Sacramento, CA 95812-0030

Telephone Hours:
8:00AM—12:00PM and 1:00PM—3:00PM
Monday through Friday
Except for the last two (2) working days of the month when we are closed for monthly disbursement

Plan Payments:

Plan payments must be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.  Please make sure that your name and case number are on the front of your payment and your payment label is attached to the back of the payment.

You can drop your plan payment off at our office located at 10293 Rockingham Drive, Suite 101, Sacramento.  There is a drop-box on the outside of our office for your convenience.

You may also mail payments.  However, please mail your payment so that it is received by the Trustee no later than the 25th of the month, as posting of payments to your case may take up to four (4) days. 

 Your Case Information: Much of your case information can be reviewed on the internet at the National Data Center website.  Please follow this link to visit the site and request a login and password:

 Check List: The Trustee has created a "Chapter 13 Check List" for quick reference to some of the most commonly asked questions after filing a petition.  To view the check list, please click here: CHAPTER 13 CHECKLIST

 FAQ’s: A variety of general questions are posed to the Trustee by Debtors.  The Trustee has compiled a listing of the 15 most commonly asked questions and their answers.  To view both the questions and their answers, please click here: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BY DEBTORS

 A Guide to Class 1 Creditors: The Trustee has created a "Guide to Class 1 Creditors" which explains the treatment of such creditors, how and when they are paid, late charge, and more.  This guide includes frequently asked questions about class 1 creditors.  To view the guide, please click here: GUIDE TO CLASS 1 CREDITORS

Kathy Rein Office Manager
Neil Enmark Staff Attorney
Talvinder Bambhra Junior Staff Attorney
Stephanie Nichols Controller
Jennifer Hand Supervisor
Corey Crom Legal Assistant
Christina Lloyd Legal Assistant
Kari Stewart Legal Assistant
Stephanie Lewandowski Team Leader
David Grass Team Leader
Anne Hughes Case Administrator
Billie LeMaster Case Administrator
Charmaine Jones Case Administrator
Kimberly Bernstein Case Administrator
Kimberly Brandt Case Administrator
Karen Crise Case Administrator
Lori Yonkovich Case Administrator
Yvette Sanders Case Administrator
Ed Weedman Case Administrator
Anthony Englehart Case Administrator
Kia Sawada Case Administrator
Dacquisto, Michael PaulP.O. Box 992631
Redding CA  96099
(530) 244-6267

Documents to be sent via e-mail. He is a Redding trustee but has taken Sacramento case overflow by appearing in Sacramento by telephone. He will question why client is filing if unsecured debt less than $20,000- "bankruptcy is meant as serious last resort".

Didriksen, Susan P.O. Box 1460
Shingle Springs CA  95682
(530) 232-6119

521 Docs and communication by email preferable, although U.S. Mail is fine as well. For all docs sent, make sure to put 341 date and time on the cover sheet. If businesses that your clients have owned (Sole Proprietorship, Corp, LLC, partnership, etc.) please provide tax returns and financial statements (income, balance sheet and cash flow) for these businesses. Also, need confirmation at time of filing that any businesses operating as sole proprietorships have been closed. She asks if the debtor has done any wire transfers such as western union. She asks if Debtors have any prepaid items like season tickets.

Edmonds, Irma C.P.O. Box 3608
Pinedale CA  93650
(559) 221-2233

Documents to be sent via Postal Mail. She has opted NOT to use the "Doclink Website" at She also requires bank statements for the month of filing of the case.

Farrar, Gary R.P.O. Box 576097
Modesto CA  95357-6097
(209) 551-1962

Documents to be sent via upload https: Epiq Document Delivery  . Do not send 521 docs by email. He has his own special questionnaire he provides at the hearing when client checks in with his assistant by showing ID. Send 521 docs 7 days before the hearing.

Additional documents to be sent:

Copy of corporate to returns

6 months bank statements

Copy of all retirement accounts and Life Insurance polices with cash value (Includes Term)

Copy of statement for each schedule d debts

Ferlmann, Stephen C.P.O. Box 579375
Modesto CA  95357-9375
(209) 236-1441

521 docs by email preferable. Expect scrutiny on property values.

Fukushima, Alan S.1102 Corporate Way Ste 100
Sacramento CA  95831
(916) 393-1289

521 documents to be sent via email at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

Only send the most recent Federal Income Tax Return, last 60 days of paystubs, and copies of all bank statements that include the date of filing.

When sending via email, list the debtor name, case number, date and time of hearing in the subject line.

Vehicle values are obtained using KBB or Edmonds and the debtor must provide the year, make, model and mileage of all vehicles.

He requests no direct client contact since all debtors represented by counsel must deal with him through their counsel. His email address is His telephone number is (916) 393-1289 and his fax number is (916) 393-1374.

Gravell, David P.O. Box 9192
Truckee CA  96162
(530) 587-1434

He prefers email for 521 docs and correspondence.

Gray, Lawrence P.M.B. #255, 4719 Quail Lakes Drive, Suite G
Stockton CA  95207
(209) 478-7584
Greer, Russell DeanP.O. Box 3051
Modesto CA  95353-3051
(209) 576-1954

If you want a special appearance, call his office to get authorization first. He wants 521 docs 10 days before 341 not 7 days.

For emailing 521 docs:
Greer's office requests that you call for the email to send 521 documents to, as their case managers may change on a case by case basis.


Pre team:

Case # 4, 5 & 6 Katie Aity:

Case #0, 1, 2 & 3 Lety Macias:

Case #7, 8 & 9 Lynn McCutcheon:

Post team:

Case # 0,1,3,5,7,9 Dennis Karganilla:

Case # 2,4,6,8 Melissa Monahan:

(The above Pre Team numbers indicate to whom the documents should be sent for unconfirmed cases)

All Cases that end with 0, 1, 2 & 3 should be sent to me Lety Macias.

Cases that end with 4, 5 & 6 should be sent to Katie Aity.

Cases that end with 7, 8 & 9 should be sent to Lynn McCutcheon.

Law & motion team:

Hanf, Richard J.P.O. Box 6499
Napa CA  94581
(707) 251-0610

Mr. Hanf is retired and not taking new chapter 7 cases.

Hopper, James MichaelP.O. Box 73826
Davis CA  95617
(530) 757-2033

Documents to be sent via Postal Mail. He is particularly interested in how values of vehicles were arrived at and #1 on schedule J. Asks what credit cards were used for if there is a lot of credit card debt. It is helpful to him if you let him know before the hearing date whether a debtor will require translation.

In addition to the required §521 documents, please provide the following documents.


Bank Accounts: Current statement for each and every bank account maintained for the period covering the 30-days prior to and including the petition date.


Retirement Assets:  Current statement for each and every retirement asset.


Life Insurance- Term and/or Whole:  Current statement for each and every insurance policy.


Annuities:  Current statement for each and every annuity.


Car(s), motorcycle(s), boat(s):  Provide validation of debtor’s valuation and most current loan statement indicating balance due where needed

.*** If Date of filing month  is listed on either Schedule I or Means Trustee is requiring that you send the clients paystub for the filing month and not just the month before filing.****

Husted, Kimberly 11230 Gold Express Dr. Ste 310-411
Gold River CA  95670
(916) 635-1939


  1.        Click the following hyperlink to create an account (  Please be sure to use the email address where you receive pacer filing notices to sign up with.  Also in Description just input Debtor Attorney.  Retain the username and password you create to access your account in the future.


  1.        After you have registered, the next time you logon please use this link (you may want to save it as a favorite):  If you want notifications to be sent to a different email address than the one you signed up with, click on Settings and add an email to Notification Email.


  1.        Instructions for uploading documents: Login, click on the Trustee Name, and then click on the case number that you want to upload documents for.  We currently have two options for uploading documents, the one I’m about to explain is the preferable option because it has a higher file size upload (also please make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser).  Click on “Upload Documents” at the top left above the first checklist item.  You will click on Add Item and browse for the document and you can add several more documents.  Then choose the checklist item to link the documents to in the drop down.  Then click Start Upload. The trustee will automatically see these documents after you upload them and see them in the below checklist item.


  1.        Also there is a document applicable feature.  If a document is required (it will have a red asterisk in front of the checklist name) and you can not upload a document, then click on the white space next to the YES and input the reason the checklist item is not applicable.

**If you are unable to find trustee info once logged in contact Trust e colaborative for help**

Get all follow up docs to trustee more than 5 days before any continued hearing. She spends a lot of time on each case at the hearing.

Trustee referenced the specific  guidelines which came effective 10-1-2012:

There are some big changes that we (Trustees) are all attempting to integrate:

  1. Bank statements are now required last 3 Months prior to filing including the Date of Filing
  2. Schedule I must have the employer address.  If it does we can rely on the “are your schedules correct?” question, if it doesn’t we need to ask on the record for the employer address or continue the case.
  3. We are required to verify the secured lien amount on real property, provide most recent mortgage statement prior to filing the case.
  4. Vehicle valuation site is Do not use KBB.
Johnson, Jan P.O. Box 1708
Sacramento CA  95812
(916) 239-6666

Use that email address for 521 docs and general issues. For specific issues, email the staff member who is working ont he case.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee. 521 Docs sent by mail or email. If you amend the petition or plan by the day following the 341, you can prevent the trustee from filing an objection because you already fixed the problems.

Plan Payment Address: P.O. Box 1557, Sacramento, CA 95812-1557.

Correspondence Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1708, Sacramento, CA 95812-1708. Fax: 916-492-8008. Phone Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM—3:00 PM. Phones are shut down between the hours of 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

If you want to drop off the payment, their physical location is: 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95833

Chapter 12 Mailing address: Jan Johnson, 1500 W. El Camino Ave #197, Sacramento, CA 95833

Kasolas, Michael G.P.O. Box 26650
San Francisco CA  94126
(415) 504-1926

521 docs by mail. follow up docs by mail also. no docs by email.

Kendall, John 945 Morning Star Drive
Sonora CA  95370
(209) 532-9821

Trustee in Northern District of CA (Oakland) uses doclink for 521 documents

Lucksinger, Frederick J.P.O. Box 2460
Rocklin CA  95677
(916) 784-2625

Trustee Not Taking Any Cases At This Time

Documents to be sent by mail or email. he sends clients a questionnaire to fill out and return to him. on the questionnaire, check to see if he checked boxes requiring additional documents to be included with the questionnaire (ie. bank statements or mortgage statements). Often, if questionnaire and docs are not received in time, hearing will be continued to another date.

Lucksinger, Ryan P.O. Box 1257
Rocklin CA  95677
(916) 580-3366

Trustee Not Taking Any Cases At This Time


Documents to be sent via e-mail or in the alternative by us mail. Always reference case number. He has ceased using the questionnaire on a regular basis, but may use it on a case by case basis in certian circumstances (he will use it more regularly for pro se debtors).

Manfredo, Trudi 545 E Alluvial Avenue
Fresno CA  93720
(559) 242-5577

Note: Phone and e-mail updated 11/5/2015

I require the 521 documents plus the state tax return and a picture of the social security card and drivers license. At this time, I prefer to receive them by mail. The must be in my office one week prior to the meeting of creditors or the meeting will be continued.

McGranahan, Michael D.P.O. Box 5018
Modesto CA  95352
(209) 524-1782

Previously, 521 docs were by regular mail only. Received notice that this trustee is using the "Doclink Website" for 521 docs at moving forward. He will reject certified/registered mail. He requires one year entire federal tax return. Do not send him the state tax return. He still wishes not to communicate by email.

Meyer, Michael H.P.O. Box 28950
Fresno CA  93729
(559) 275-9512

Address to mail payments: Michael H. Meyer, Chapter 13 Trustee, P.O. Box 104, Memphis TN 38101-0104. Payments sent overnight via FedEx or UPS will not be accepted as these packages cannot be delivered to a PO Box. Overnight payments may only be sent via the US Postal Service.

Requires 6 months pay advices, last two filed tax returns, and 401k statements

Will accept documents via e-mail and uploaded through the FTP site. FTP site must be setup by trustee's office manager, Kelly, prior to submission.

Ness, Garry P.O. Box 1506
Aptos CA  95001
(831) 708-2653

521 docs and follow up by email ok.

Nims, Eric J.P.O. Box 873
Linden CA  95236
(209) 887-3585

Serve all 521 documents by email. Paystubs for 60 days before filing including the day of filing and last filed tax return. He has a questionnaire he has debtors fill out at the 341 hearing. DO NOT serve 521 docs via the physical address.

Partridge, Lewis D.P.O. Box 863
Sloughhouse CA  95683
(916) 799-4132

Whatley has taken over all of Trustee Partridge's cases.


Reger, John W.P.O. Box 933
Palo Cedro CA  96073
(530) 224-9939

Documents to be sent via Postal Mail or email. Does not use a questionnaire.

Richards, Geoffrey M.P.O. Box 579
Orinda CA  94563
(916) 288-8365

Our office WILL NOW accept 521 Documents (Tax Returns and Pay Stubs) by Email. The documents MUST be PDF files. These documents should be sent to the email address listed. There is no longer a requirement to send these documents by U.S. Mail.

In the subject line of the email please reflect the Case Name, and Case Number and something to indicate these are 521 documents.

Please ensure these documents are sent to ARRIVE at the email address at LEAST 7 days prior to the meeting of creditors.

Unless specifically requested, please only provide the legally required documents which are most recently filed FEDERAL tax return and 60 days of pay stubs.

As usual, unless specifically requested, any other documents requested by the trustee can be sent by email.



EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, in the event that a 341 meeting is continued as the result of a document deficiency AN APPEARANCE WILL BE REQUIRED at the continued 341 meeting by both the debtor(s) AND THE ATTORNEY. This includes but is not limited to:

  • missing or un-timely 521 documents
  • additional documents requested prior to MOC but not provided by the date requested
  • missing 703 Spousal Waivers.
  • missing SSN
  • missing Picture Identification.





Effective April 16th, 2014 – it will be my standard policy to continue all 341 meetings (MOC) when I have not RECEIVED the standard required documents at least 7 days prior to the 341 meeting.  The original MOC hearing will NOT be conducted, and both debtor(s) and counsel will be required to appear at the continued MOC.  Standard and other requested documents are to be provided electronically as PDF files sent by email to or by FAX to 866.872.3134.


The “standard documents” required are:

“521” Documents

1. A signed complete copy (all pages) of the debtors most recently filed Federal Tax Return, or, a complete “Return Transcript” (not an “Account Transcript”) of the Federal Tax Return provided by the Internal Revenue Service, or a signed explanation from the debtor or his attorney that tax returns are not prepared by the debtor(s).

2. Copies of pay stubs or proof of income for the debtor(s) for the 60 day period prior to filing bankruptcy.


Statements for Financial Accounts (in effect since October 1, 2012)

1. Copies of complete statements for ALL checking, savings and pre-paid debit card accounts for a period of 60 days prior to and INCLUDING THE DAY OF FILING. Statements must include both balance and transactional information for the entire period.

2. Copies of statements for all investment, retirement, 401K, insurance policy or any other financial accounts to reflect the balance of the account as of the day of filing.


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS – Per Fed. R. Bankr. P. 4002(b)(2) - In addition to the “standard documents” listed above,  the debtors must provide the following documents at the MOC.


1. Personal government issued photo identification and evidence of Social Security number or a written statement that the debtor has no Social Security number)  NOTE: FAILURE TO PROVIDE THESE DOCUMENTS AT THE 341 MEETING WILL RESULT IN A CONTINUENCE AND SUBSEQUENT APPERANCE BY DEBTOR AND COUNSEL.

2. Evidence of current income such as most recent payment advice (this can be sent with standard documents)

3. Documentation of certain monthly expenses as required by sections 707(b)(2)(A) or (B).  These include additional food and clothing expense, certain education expense for dependent children, certain home energy cost, and expenses to support a claim of special circumstances.

4. SPOUSAL WAIVER (if required) must be on file, or the hearing will not be conducted.

Roberts, John R.P.O. Box 1506
Placerville CA  95667
(530) 626-4732

521 Documents are to be sent by "Doclink Website" at emails regarding 521 documents should be sent to this email at: service should also be sent to this email. For status of or information concerning a case, contact Reney at For information about any settlement or complications, contact Only emails that require the trustee's personal response:  Make sure the case name and number are in the subject line. He will not accept documents at the 341 meeting. Failure to get the 341 documents on time will cause your case to be continued. He does not use the trustee's questionnaire. Not putting cash on hand in schedule B is a red flag to him that schedules may not be complete because everybody at least has pocket change. He uses the self swearing sheet at the 341. He often asks when the house was purchased, for how much, and the last time it was refinanced and what the money was spent on. He asks case specific questions first, then the standard 341 questions.

 We will not complete the administration of your client’s case without the requested documentation. Anything not provided at or before the meeting may result in a continued meeting. Providing the requested information before the meeting will ensure a more expeditious meeting for you and your 
client(s) and a more expeditious administration of the case. In advance of the meeting, at least 7 days prior, please provide the following:

  1. A copy of the Debtor(s)’ most recently filed tax returns, both State and Federal. If your client(s)do not file tax returns please provide a statement attesting to this fact.
  2. Monthly bank statement for each bank account held by the Debtor(s) on the petition date for the month in which the petition date falls. For example, if the petition was filed on July 18th, you must provide the complete July monthly statements. A receipt showing the balance in an account on the date of filing is not acceptable.
  3. All pay advices received by the debtor(s) for the past 60 days from the petition date.
  4. Completed Domestic Support Obligation form, if applicable.

Prior to calling your client(s)’ case, we must verify the client(s)’ identification. For verification, the U.S. Trustee guidelines require a picture ID and proof of social security number. The picture ID may be a driver’s license or passport. The social security number may be proved with an original social security card, a letter from the Social Security Administration attesting to the social security number, a medicare card or military ID card, provided it contains the complete social security number. Failure to provide proper identification and proof of social security number may result in a motion to dismiss the Debtor(s) case.

Salven, James P.O. Box 25970
Fresno CA  93729-5970
(559) 230-1095

"Most recently filed tax return and pay stubs-received during the 60 days prior to the filing of the petition-must be received(IN MY OFFICE) no later than 7 days prior to the first scheduled Meeting of Creditors. All cases, filed by an attorney, not fulfilling the above statutory requirement will be continued to a future date to ensure compliance. Documents must be mailed or hand delivered. Faxes and e-mails WILL NOT be accepted. Remember-it has been the law for over five years!!"

Sanders, Kenneth P.O. Box 214205
Sacramento CA  95821
(916) 488-3108

Retired. Now offering consulting services under Leading Edge Consulting

Schuette, Linda P.O. Box 743
Palo Cedro CA  96073-0743
(530) 222-3888

All 521 documentation must be emailed. Fax number: (530) 222-3665 No current questionnaire required

Smith, Susan Kaufman2701 Del Paso Road, Suite 130-PMB 399
Sacramento CA  95835
(916) 928-6152

Most definitely prefers 521 documents be sent via DocLink,, but will accept via US mail, (must have 341 date and time on cover page). However, 521 documents must be received 7 days prior to the 341 meeting. Spousal waivers must be filed, if applicable. If 521 documents and/or spousal waivers are not provided, all cases for that attorney will be heard at the end of the 341 meeting calendar. Business must be closed before filing the petition. Call trustee immediately upon filing a case in which the debtor has a business. Provide financial documents regarding the business so trustee can determine if she will liquidate the business or require attorney to prepare a motion to compel abandonment so debtor may operate the business upon entry of abandonment order. Communication with trustee via email, US mail or telephone is acceptable. Attorney should email trustee for direct office number instead of public number.

Fax Number: (916) 313-3521

Spacone, Hank M.P.O. Box 255808
Sacramento CA  95865
(916) 485-5530

521 docs send by mail, e-mail or by the"Doclink Website" at

Give entire Fed tax return, not just the first 2 pages. At hearing he asks if there was any use of credit cards in the 90 days before filing and if anyone else used the credit cards. He asks if there was any real property transferred in the last 4 years that isn't listed and wants to know if it was refinanced and if money was taken out and what was done with the money.

Strain, Sheryl Ann575 E. Alluvial Ave. #101
Fresno CA  93720
(559) 435-2100

Always make sure to have client bring a pen to hearing to fill out trustee questionnaire 
And always send a COLOR copy of drivers licence and social Security cards with 521 docs.

Thompson, Tevis P.O. Box 1110
Martinez CA  94553
(925) 228-0120

Northern district Trustee

Trustee requires his own questionnaire prior to the hearing. All 521 docs to be uploaded through Equip document Delivery.  Trustee will send invitation for the upload service.

US Trustees Office, UST Email for service of process 501 I st., Room 7-500
Sacramento CA  95814-7304
(000) 000-0000






Whatley, Douglas M.P.O. Box 538
Folsom CA  95763-0538
(916) 358-9345

521 docs by doclink service. Other documents can be sent via e-mail. If he has to continue the matter for SSI cards he requires the attorney to appear also. Be sure that 521 docs are sent at least 7 business days prior to hearing or the case will be continued. Please include any evidence on valuations with the 521 docs.

Williams, Lee ErnestP.O. Box 1511
Rancho Cordova CA  95741
(916) 669-0936

Lee Williams is not taking any new cases.